About repast

Repast is a completely ad-free self-published book providing travel tips and recommendations written by Jeremy Holmes, with layout and photos by Heidi Holmes. It is a humorous, unpretentious take on the very serious world of wine and food, appreciated by both intrepid food and wine lovers and arm chair travellers looking for an entertaining read.  

repast edition 19

Covering many cities and regions including Paris, Burgundy, Champagne, San Sebastian, Piedmont, Tuscany, Melbourne, Sydney, Hobart, New York, repast is brimming with entertaining dining reports, tips on where to stay and many places off the beaten tourist path. Wine enthusiasts' thirsts will be quenched by Jeremy’s extensive tasting notes from all the wine regions visited.

"Written by Jeremy Holmes, an Australian wine importer, together with his wife and photographer Heidi. Just over 160 pages are filled for your entertainment, not just with words but images of mouth-watering dishes. Actually you could knock-off the whole thing in a couple of hours – but it will be worth it. I found the discussion and selection of restaurants to be the most interesting part – more addresses for a rainy day in Burgundy!" - Bill Nanson, Burgundy Report, 2012

"A catalogue of consumption, a paean to the pleasures that can be found in great restaurants and dark cellars, an idiosyncratic travelogue, repast is the best example of self-publishing in the food and wine space in the country."  -Nick Ryan, The Australian, 2018