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repast is a self-published book available as a single edition or 2 year subscriptions. Listed here are all the back editions we currently have available. 

About repast:
In 2012 Jeremy and Heidi engaged in a project that combines their food, wine and travel experiences into a publication, 
repast. Filled with witty reviews, worthy recommendations, excellent photographs and countless tasting notes, this publication has allowed their experience and knowledge to extend to the customer and the wider public. Click on the editions below to purchase and read countless tips and stories about where to eat, drink and stay when travelling. 

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  • repast 16

    Edition 16

    Tuscany, Piedmont, Milan, Melbourne

  • Edition 15

    Edition 15

    Paris, Burgundy, London

    Edition 14

    Edition 14

    This repast solely features the Barossa Valley.
    With 40+ wineries, 20+ restaurants as well as suggested places to stay,
    a convenient map of the region and plenty of great stories. 
    This is a very special issue.  

  • Edition 13

    Edition 13

    Paris, Burgundy and Sydney


    Edition 12

    Italy, Slovenia, Melbourne, Champagne and Alsace

  • Edition 11

    Edition 11

    Amsterdam, Paris, Burgundy and Beaujolais

    repast 10

    Edition 10

    Los Angeles, Las Vegas, San Francisco, Napa and Sonoma Valley

  • Edition 9

    Edition 9

    Piedmont, Venice, Noosa, Brisbane, Canberra and Perth.

    Repast 8

    Edition 8

    Champagne, Burgundy, Alsace and Paris

  • repast 7

    Edition 7

    Hong Kong, Melbourne, Sydney and South Australia. 

    Edition 6

    Edition 6

    Normandy, Burgundy, San Sebastian and Paris.

  • Edition 5

    Edition 5

    Margaret River, Adelaide, Burra, New York, LA and Vancouver.

    Edition 4

    Edition 4

    Paris, Burgundy, Hobart, New Zealand and Italy.

  • Edition 3

    Edition 3

    Paris, Burgundy, Champagne, Berlin and the Mosel.

    Edition 2

    Edition 2

    Barossa Valley, Melbourne, Palm Cove and Tokyo.

  • repast 1

    Edition 1

    European destinations including Paris, Burgundy, Piedmont and San Sebastian

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