2020 Cascina Galarin Arneis 'Barival'

Galarin source their fruit from Neive in Barbaresco, they like the higher concentration of calcium carbonate there that adds mineral inflection and complexity. In local Piemontese dialect, Arneis translates to little rascal and Galarin call theirs’ ‘Barival’, which again in local terms means Brat. Attributed to this grape and wine because of how difficult this grape is to grow and pick and vinify in just the right way to maintain structure and interest. These guys know what they are doing – it’s clearly evident once the corked is popped and the aromas show themselves. Worth all the trouble. With a soft press pre-fermentation to keep the juice off skins and not over extract, from this point on, the wine only sees steel to retain freshness and little contact with the air, as Arneis is prone to rapid oxidization. Good acidity with hints of figs and nuts with a minerally undertone, this Arneis has more body and richness than many. Natasha Johns.

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