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Cambridge Dry Gin

Cambridge Dry Gin 700ml

The Cambridge Distillery was the first to create a truly seasonal gin, using only home grown and freshly foraged botanicals each season to create two distinct gins each year.

A victim of their own success, Cambridge Seasonal Gins often sell out within days leaving a rather long gap until the next batch comes along. Until now…

Having developed an expertise in local botanicals around the year, we have now created a blend of flavours from all four seasons. Whilst production of Cambridge Seasonal Gin remains on a very limited scale, we are able to produce this new line a few hundred, rather than a few dozen, bottles at a time.

The result? Cambridge Dry Gin: a gin for all seasons!

We still use Macedonian juniper (we find it to have the most elegant flavour), then blend in the following local botanicals:

  • Blackcurrant leaf – for a wonderful sweet, fruit sensation
  • Basil and rosemary – from the distillery gardens, adding rich green flavour
  • Lemon verbena – a local and sustainable citrus character
  • Rose and violet petals – for light, floral notes
  • Angelica seed – to add just a touch of spice

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