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Bursting Bubbles

Bursting Bubbles


“&hellip the most refreshing, pretension-pricking, myth-busting and amusingly unfrothy book on the subject I’ve read.” ANDREW JEFFORD

In the tradition of Kermit Lynch’s Adventures on the Wine Route, Bursting Bubbles is a wonderful and informed exploration of the best grower Champagnes and the characters who make them. It shatters old myths and reveals new truths, making Champagne – the place and the wine – as intriguing, beautiful and magical as ever.” ANDREA FROST

Rob Walters is an experienced wine Importer with a love of all things vinous. His particular passion is that of Champagne and those made by the high quality grower Champagne houses. He has a sharp palate and sharper wit to boot. He has spent a considerable amount of time in the region conducting research and pretending to conduct research (i.e. just eating and drinking) with the resultant product being Bursting Bubbles. Rob’s writing style is direct and informative yet thoroughly entertaining and engaging.

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