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  • Gourmet Traveller Wine - Nick Stock


    2016 November Gourmet Traveller Wine Nick Stock

    Tasting Notes, European Trifecta

    Giacomo Borgogno

    Barossa-based Jeremy and Heidi Holmes have eked out a niche market with their import business d’Or to Door Wines Direct, not least of all because they have a good eye for quality and value. They’ve recently picked up the traditional Piedmont-based Borgogno winery, bringing in a set of stylish wines that impress.

    The 2014 Borgogno Barbera d’Alba(A$39) is a wine of real restraint and fruit-focused style. It smells of raspberry leaf and mountain herbs, is gently flinty with a little pastry-like edge. Some young rose florals and reticent red berry fruits are present in the mix. The palate is all about acidity, really tart and tangy, it has mouthwatering impact, succulent red berry flavour and will suit spicy food a treat.

    The 2015 Dolcetto d’Alba (A$29) has fresh red and blue fruits on the nose with some crushed violet-like florals – really straight-forward and appealing. On the palate it marries incredible plushness and generosity of tannin with richly flavoured blueberry and cassis fruits, finishing with an attractive acid snap. It is one of those wines that is impossible not to like and represents terrific value in the range.

    The 2012 Langhe Nebbiolo No Name (A$49) is a ‘Etichetta di Protesta’ (protest label) and a great wine, too. The 250-year-old winery had a cask of 2005 Barolo that was rejected by the DOCG because it was stylistically ‘irregular,’ they so declassified it and labelled it in protest simply as No Name. The wine itself is a light, crunchy maraschino cherry-scented nebbiolo with plenty of acidity and fine weighted tannins. It’s a refreshing, early drinking style that will work well alongside foods that need wine to cut through richness.

    The pinnacle of this set of wines is the complex, deep and delicious 2010 Borgogno Barolo Fossati (A$129). The nose smells of gentian, dried rose petals and fragrant ripe red cherry fruits. It has depth and richness, and is very approachable in a silky and elegant style with rich dark cherries and chocolate, wild herbs, bright acidity and punchy tannins. The palate has a smooth and even shape with a long and balanced finish. Drink it now or cellar for a decade or more and reap the rewards.

    Gourmet Traveller 20th Anniversary Issue, 28/11/2016

  • Australian Financial Review - Tim White

    Australian Financial Review

    2016 April Australian Financial Review Tim White

    We love the name of Heidi and Jeremy Holmes's cellar to glass wine retailing business, d'Or to Door. They specialise in the wines of Burgundy, which they import and sell directly to wine lovers without any middlemen  taking an extra cut. It's a dead clever monicker paying both respect to the land of the greatest pinot noir and chardonnay wines on earth – Burgundy's Côte d'Or – and at the same time conveying exactly the service that the business provides. (read full article here)


  • Treasures from the late Barossa legend Peter Lehmann’s cellar...up for sale

    Peter Lehmann

    2015 January 10 News Corp Australia Network Tony Love

    A vast collection of wines considered to be a national treasure has been unlocked from the Barossan legend Peter Lehmann’s private cellar to be sold to collectors, history buffs and wine lovers. (read full article here…)

  • History in a bottle

    Margaret Lehmann

    2015 January 14, 2015 The Leader

    An historic wine collection spanning the lifetime of a legend is set to be sold. (read full article here…)

    In January this year The Leader featured a front page article about d'Or to Door catalogueing and distributing the private cellar of Peter and Margaret Lehmann. You can shop the wines here


  • Short Order: Jeremy Holmes

    Jeremy Holmes

    2013 October 05 The Weekend Australian

    Jeremy discusses his best recent dining experience, must-buy ingredient and what wines would accompany his last supper. (Read full article here…)

  • Of V8’s & Vino

    2005 March 08 The Age, Ben Canaider

    A rev-head from the working-class suburbs of Adelaide is putting his money where his wine-loving mouth is. (read full article here)

  • The Dice Man Cometh

    2005 March 15 Sydney Morning Herald, Good Living, Ben Canaider

    ‘Global wine homogeneity is a vexing topic. All over the world, the new documentary Vinomondo claims, winemakers with the same technological approach are using the same grapes, the same yeasts and the same oak chips to make the same wine.’ (read full article here)

  • Wines of the world, and beyond

    2005 May 08 The Independent Weekly, Vincent Ciccarello

    Two things are pretty clear about Jeremy Holmes: he likes going into business with friends and family (against the conventional wisdom); and he is mad about wine (in this, he is not alone). (read full article here)

  • Worldly Wine; Cultivating a following for imported wines

    2005 May 25 Adelaide Matters, Kylie Fleming

    Self-confessed "imported wine nut" Jeremy Holmes is bringing some of the world's best labels to Adelaide through his innovative d'Or To Door business. (read full article here)

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